Nails & Toes

File and Polish – £19
Deluxe Manicure – £30
French Polish – £2 extra

A deeply revitalising hand treatment using our Shea Butter hand repair which nourishes, protects, heals and strengthens the nails and dry skin. Included is nail shaping, cuticle care and a deep tension reducing massage of the hands and forearms. Finished with application of your chosen polish.

Using: Shea Butter Hand Repair

File and Polish – £19

Deluxe Pedicure – £38

inc Callus Removal – £43

Callus Removal – £22

Included is a foot soak in a stimulating foot spa enriched in aromatherapy oils, alongside application of our salt scrub infused with essential oils to sooth and nourish the feet. Our salt scrub is rich in minerals and contains marine extracts that neutralises the skin, whilst stimulating and eliminating toxins. Also included is nail shaping, cuticle care and a deep reflexology massage to finish using our body repair to sooth and revive dry chapped skin.

Using: Top to Toe Body Repair

  • Gel Polish Hands £25
  • French Gel Polish £30
  • Add Deluxe Manicure £8
  • Soak Off £8
  • Gel Polish Toes £27
  • French Gel Polish £30
  • Add Deluxe Pedicure £18
  • Soak Off £10

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