Let us take care of you...

‘Step into the Calm at Noubalm’

Drift away to guided meditation music and let us take you to a place of tranquility…

Our promise at Noubalm is to create truly unique treatments that work in natural synergy with the skin and body.

Our bespoke healing treatments are tailored for total destress, mindfulness and relaxation.

We believe that, to create pure simple healing, every treatment should be tailored to you and your exact needs using the range of Noubalm products. Noubalm products are all natural and organic using the finest plant oils, plant waxes, floral waters and natural cosmeceuticals only resulting in inner health and outer beauty. We offer an assortment of hand made premium organic herbal teas, created from nature’s finest treasures. A complimentary tea is given after your treatment, to bring you round in your resting process, whilst you experience pure indulgence with every cup.

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