The Team

Let us take care of you...


Sara first established her business in 2001 on the Isle of Man as Body Matters, she then moved to Wirral, rebuilt the company and developed a new client list. She is an award winning beauty and holistic therapist with over 25 years experience. Since moving to Wirral, Sara has gained seven Oncology diplomas which have enabled her to gain insurance to work with patients when they are first diagnosed with cancer. Sara went on to gain two further diplomas in natural skin care making and skin nutrition, which lead her to becoming the founder of Noubalm. Sara currently runs the Noubalm Beauty and Holistic Training School and manages and is front of house at her flagship store / clinic in Oxton Village, Wirral, we’re she still offers her exclusive services to her customers she has worked closely with for over 19 years since moving to Wirral. Sara still creates and manufactures all Noubalm products by hand at the Noubalm Kitchen based in Birkenhead.


Mia is highly qualified and has level 3 in beauty, and holistic therapies, with 5 years experience in the industry. Trained by the City Of Liverpool College, Wirral Metropolitan College and Noubalm, Beauty and Holistic Training School and has become a top skin specialist with us. Mia has worked extremely hard over the years and gained level 3 in Media and Theatrical makeup. Mia is loved by all, she loves to make sure her clients always feel welcome and relaxed when visiting Noubalm. Mia is based in Moreton and Oxton.


Anna is highly qualified with over 17 years experience in the industry. Specialising in all things beauty, holistic and skin care. Anna qualified at Wirral Metropolitan College, Level 3 and in house at Noubalm, Beauty and Holistic Training School. Anna worked as manager at Harvey Nichols, Liverpool and works extremely hard with her clients, ensuring they all have a memorable experience with us at Noubalm.  She has an excellent eye for detail and that shows in the excellence and quality of her work. Anna is based in Oxton.


Nicole is a highly qualified beauty, holistic and skin specialist at Noubam and has worked in the industry for 3 years and  complete all her training with Sara in house at the Noubalm, Beauty and Holistic Training School. Nicole has always had huge ambition and love for the industry and now excels in all treatments offered to her clients at Noubalm. She is kind-hearted and goes above and beyond for everybody, which shows in the quality of her work. Nicole is based in Moreton and Oxton.


Lynne is highly qualified with over 16 years experience in the industry and has level 3 in beauty, and holistic therapies. Lynne trained at Wirral Metropolitan College and in house at  Noubalm, Beauty and Holistic Training School and has become a top skin specialist whilst working at Noubalm. Lynne has a loving and warm nature and always greets you with a smile. Guaranteed you will always feel uplifted and happy when you leave. Lynne is based in Oxton.