The Story

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The Products

Sara, has been blending her own therapeutic aromatherapy oils since 1999 and has now invented all Noubalm products by hand at her business premises.

In the very early days Sara was just mixing up skincare concoctions for herself and a few private clients, but demand grew quickly as the products really did work. Working one on one with private clients for many years taught Sara that nobody has just one skin type. In reality your skin is evolving all the time based on factors like the weather, pollution, diet, hormones and stress.

Sara has created a collection of organic medical grade healing products designed to target particular issues within the skin. Sara says you need to feed your skin with different nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants for optimum results and that is why Noubalm luxury skin care is packed full of nutrients and healthy organic goodness.

Noubalm is an all natural, organic, chemical free skincare solution for all skin types. Formulated with an exquisite blend of rare, natural aromatherapy essences, made to heal individuals from within or to simply relax you whilst still beautifying your complexion. All Noubalm products have a unique purpose. Whether it is to diminish your acne, cure your insomnia, help if you are struggling with fatigue, heal your anxiety or to simply uplift your mood. Noubalm has the perfect products for you.

The Beginning

Noubalm was first established in 2001 when Sara started the business on the Isle of Man as Body Matters. Sara an award winning beauty and holistic therapist with over 24 years experience then moved to the Wirral, rebuilt the company, and began developing a new client list. This was a challenge but Sara’s reputation as a therapist helped while she built a new loyal clientele base.

Since moving to Wirral, Sara has gained seven Oncology diplomas which have enabled her to gain insurance to work with patients when they are first diagnosed with cancer. Sara went on to gain two further diplomas in natural skin care making and skin nutrition, which lead her to becoming the founder of Noubalm.

Sara’s beautiful Wirral clinic’s are in the heart of Oxton and Moreton Villages. Both locations have pleasant surroundings and are very conducive to her therapies, making all clients feel completely renewed and relaxed from one visit. Sara decided to remove toxins and all chemicals from her life and start her self healing journey due to life long crippling anxiety. However, Sara was not able to find any skincare products that were completely chemical free to use on her self and her clients, so she started blending her aromatherapy potions again and Noubalm was born.

The Vision

When Sara opened her shop doors over 23 years ago, her focus was firmly set on the quality of her services and excellence in customer care.

Today, Noubalm continues to strive and has gone global with product sales and Sara has a number of her own students in their own salons on the Wirral and the Isle of Man using the full Noubalm range for their treatments and services and  numerous local artisan shops in Merseyside now displaying and  retailing her growing range.

Sara has firmly maintained the main vision of bringing the highest quality products and services to the worldwide customers and clientele who visit her store’s on the Wirral and all of her students salons too.

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