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Welcome to Noubalm, where we believe in healing from within. Our founder, Sara Williams, has had a remarkable journey towards finding her own inner healing. After suffering from mental health illness, Sara turned to natural remedies for the mind, body, and soul. Through her own experience and using her Noubalm hand made plant based products, she has completely transformed her health and wellbeing for the better.

Today, Sara is passionate about sharing her journey and the power of natural remedies with others. She works tirelessly to create products that blend seamlessly into daily routines, promoting better health and wellbeing. It is from this place of deep understanding and personal experience that Sara has developed our Noubalm Pure Simple Healing Workshops.
In these workshops, Sara will guide you in creating a sacred space within yourself as you glow from within. She draws on her extensive expertise as a plant-based cosmetic creator, educator, aromatherapist, holistic healer, and Reiki practitioner to help you discover the best skincare and self-care combinations for your unique needs. By reducing the damaging effects of stress, anxiety, and depression, you will radiate from within.
Taking care of yourself is an act of love, and Sara will empower you to prioritize self-care in your daily life. Did you know that regular face massage can improve your mood and energy? It reduces physical and mental stress, eases jaw tension, reduces headaches, replenishes collagen production, eases fine lines, reduces puffiness, and improves overall skin tone. You will leave the workshop feeling blissfully relaxed and glowing.
Our workshop is for anyone who feels stuck in a negative mindset, finds self-care boring or burdensome, lacks confidence in themselves and their skin, wants to detox and declutter their mind and skincare routine, desires a healthy glow, and wishes to learn natural healing techniques for the mind, body, and soul.
In the workshop, you will learn how to truly enjoy self-care and look forward to your daily skincare routine. Sara will teach you how to best use, combine, and apply your own skincare products. You will discover which specific skincare ingredients are best for leading your healthiest life. Additionally, you will learn a self-care routine that includes optimal breathing, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, mirror work, and unique face lift rejuvenation massage techniques. Sara will also guide you in resetting your nervous system through your vagus nerve and acupressure points.
Tickets are available for purchase here 
Each workshop is held at our NouYou premises in Birkenhead, with refreshments and a Noubalm Trial Facial Kit (worth £55) included. The cost per workshop is £120. Join us and discover the transformative power of self-care and natural healing techniques.
Noubalm Pure Simple Healing Workshops Upcoming Dates:
– 7th January 2-4:30pm
– 4th February 2-4:30pm
– 2nd March 2-4.30pm
– 7th April 2-4.30pm
NouYou CIC & Wellbeing
583 Borough Road
CH42 0HD
Give yourself the absolute best by honoring a unique daily skin, skincare, and self-care sacred ritual routine from the comfort of your own home. Find your sacred space from within as you glow to go.

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