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Pure Simple Healing Workshop

A wonderful wellness workshop designed to teach you how to add mindfulness and meditation to your daily skincare routine.

Held 1 Sunday per month 2-4:30pm at NouYou, Borough Road


You will learn

  • How to really enjoy self-care and look forward to your daily skincare routine
  • How best to use, combine and apply your own skincare products
  • Which specific skincare ingredients you should be using to be living your healthiest best life
  • A self-care routine including optimal breathing, breath work, meditation, mindfulness and mirror work.
  • Mastering unique face lift rejuvenation massage techniques
  • How to ‘reset’ your nervous system via your vagus nerve and acupressure points.

Includes a Noubalm Facial Starter Kit


Please note classes are limited to 6 attendees

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Additional information

Course Dates

6th August 2023, 10th September, 1st October, 5th November

13 reviews for Pure Simple Healing Workshop

  1. Vicci Innes

    What an incredible workshop this is. I loved every second of it. I was feeling disconnected from myself, and struggling with fear and unhelpful thinking patterns that I couldn’t seem to shift. Having the opportunity to learn not only beautiful skin care practices, but breathwork, meditation and journaling too has shifted that completely. I didn’t like looking in the mirror but this workshop has helped me to do that, and to offer myself nurture on a daily basis, to love myself first. Sara is such an incredible inspiration and I’m so grateful to be able to learn from her immense knowledge and wisdom. I feel like a Nouyou, and this workshop is why! The products are pure goodness, and an amazing delight to use now in my daily practices. Thank you Thank you Thank you ❤️

  2. Kerry Kain

    An absolutely life changing work shop. I loved every minute of it. After a cancer diagnosis I became very wary about what products I put on my skin. I wanted to use products which were free from chemicals and nasties that are harmful, knowing that my skin absorbs it all. With the workshop I’ve discovered Noubalm products that are purely heavenly and have really helped my skin through cancer treatment. The workshop not only provides more information about the products it teaches you to build a routine into our busy lives, the time for self care which has also improved my mental health. I came away from the workshop with the teachings of meditation, journaling and breath work that not only helped me to fully relax and gain the most out of my skin care routine but more importantly helped me understand how with the daily routine you can gain a positive mind set for the day and before I sleep at night. Amazing products and an amazing teacher Sara.

  3. Lisa Mcnicholas

    This workshop was just amazing I attended with my two daughters and we all loved it. The skin care routine was lovely my skin feels amazing and I’ve learnt to do my breathing and meditation and take time out to do this regularly which I will from now on. The products are lovely and now I no how to use correctly. Sara,s wisdom attitude and knowledge is just another level I have never met such a lovely lady who knows her stuff I really recommend this workshop to make you feel empowered and a nouyou xxx thank you 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏🙏🙏💫💫

  4. Missy

    I went on this workshop today and absolutely loved every minute! I’ve been struggling with feeling overwhelmed and run down over the past week so it couldn’t have come at a better time! I learned the importance of taking time out of my day to care for me. It’s more than an incredible skincare routine it’s learning that it’s okay to love yourself deeply with every product you put on your skin! I left the studio feeling lighter and calm after being in a safe space to talk about my feelings and with beautiful glowing skin that I didn’t need to go to a salon and pay for somebody else to do. Sara is such a beautiful, compassionate person with a gorgeous soul. It was interesting to learn from Sara’s knowledge and the reasons she started this workshop and I have the highest amount of respect for her because of it. If you’re considering this doing this workshop then I can vouch that it is 1000% worth it ❤️❤️

  5. Jessica Mcnicholas

    Firstly, I would like to thank Sara for delivering her workshop which such sensitivity and professionalism. I found the workshop so comforting to be surrounded with strong amazing women who all have their own journeys to conquer. It was lovely to learn such amazing meditation tips and how to give yourself a lovely facial in such a safe space. I can not recommend this workshop enough. I left the studio feeling relaxed & glowing! I’ve been struggling over the past 6 months with life changes and the anxiety’s around general life. taking time out for myself is never a priority with an 8 month old baby but Sara has shown me the importance of daily skin care and meditation! I feel tonnes better already! Can’t wait to see how I feel in the upcoming weeks!

    Thankyou again 🤍

  6. Jasmine

    I took this workshop 2 days ago now and since then I have been practising my new skincare routine off Sara which is amazing and so easy to follow plus my skin has never felt, smelt, and looked better!! I have been loving the glow ✨
    I have always used noubalm products but never really known how and what order order and technique to use them in… this workshop educates you to a high standard so you can use these products with the correct technique whilst practising breathwork, meditating, whilst explaining what each product is used for and why it was created. We was also encouraged of being more confident infront of the mirror and most importantly loving yourself more! And this is something I will most definitely be sticking to as part of my everyday routine AM – PM. Since doing this I have felt a lot less anxious, stressed, and it has enabled me to switch off completely so I can relax and enjoy taking some time out for myself which I never do.

    All thanks to Sara and her amazing knowledge, passion, teaching skills she has gifted us all with this amazing practice which she is sharing with the public🙏🏻 Thankyou so much, I would highly recommend this to everyone you won’t regret it ! Don’t give it a second thought, book it and you won’t regret it!

  7. Leia

    Such a beautiful, insightful workshop. Sara guided us so gently through a number of different techniques- meditation, mirror work, and breathing exercises to name a few. The skin care part was amazing and so relaxing. I left feeling so inspired and grateful to have attended the workshop. Would definitely recommend! Thank you again x

  8. Angela

    In a world where everything is so fast pace, I took some time to slow down and invest in myself.
    Sara facilitated the workshop beautifully, and her passion truly shines through!
    The workshop gives valuable advice to help when you are struggling to find time to practice self care. The techniques can be included into usual morning cleansing routines.
    Thank you so much for helping me realise pausing for a few moments won’t set me back, but will often lead to higher productivity x

  9. Karen

    This workshop is life changing. Sara teaches you so much within the workshop, meditation self care, breathing techniques along with a few mind blowing tips. Helping to make your skincare routine a special time of the day just for you. You will thoroughly enjoy and get a great deal out of this workshop. So go on treat yourself you won’t regret it.

  10. Nicky

    I am taken away by this workshop, it was so lovely. I feel like a different person from leaving and cannot wait to incorporate what I have learnt into my every day routine. I never really understood mediation or the importance of mirror work but those two things combined with the breath work to calm my anxiety and worries alongside the additional tips (all taught so well) has made me feel calmer and in control of my thoughts already! I’m so glad I pushed myself out my comfort zone to do this course and my skin feels amazing which was also so kind to receive a free product kit too! I would do it all again in a heartbeat and highly recommend to anybody suffering with their confidence, or low mood. Thank you so much Sara! ❤️ X

  11. Danijela

    This workshop is incredible, I’m trying to find the right words to describe how I feel.
    I LOVE IT!!! 😍💖
    I really enjoyed learning how to take care and nurture myself with amazing facial products and skin care in a completely different way than we all thought to do it before. This workshop shows me that its much more than just putting cream on my skin. I learned that starting my day with meditation and breathwork, I can connect deeper with myself, and using these incredible natural skin products with mirror work is definitely a higher level of self-care.
    I love it, I felt so much lighter, and my skin is so soft and glowing, I can imagine how it will look after a month of using these incredible and all natural skin care products.
    Thank you, Sara, for creating this incredible workshop and teaching us how to take care of our skin in a new and beautiful way. From my heart, I highly recommend this incredible workshop and Noubalm products to everyone. 💖💖💖

  12. Abigail Roberts

    I attended the Love Yourself First Course with Sara at NuYou in September, one month on I can honestly say that it has had a real positive impact on my daily routine. I now appreciate the importance of daily skincare and meditation. The knowledge that Sara shares on this course is invaluable from the meditation and breath work to the beautiful facial products. I have previously never journaled but now I am each day. Thank you Mrs Noubalm for your generous spirit, knowledge and expertise. I’m looking forward with a new outlook on life and beautiful skin.

  13. Becky

    Wow! What can I say! this workshop is simply beautiful in every way🫶🏻
    Thanks to Sara, I am now making time for myself each day and have a natural skin care regime I actually look forward to.
    Sara’s knowledge and passion is like no other. I would highly recommend the Noubalm products and this workshop, my skin feels amazing already✨🙏

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