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Nourishing Hair Growth Oil

Nourishing Hair Growth Oil specially formulated to help soothe, hydrate and fortify a sensitive and dry flaky scalp. Combined with soothing essential oils and Calendula Oil to comfort the scalp and help reduce feelings of tightness and discomfort.  It is also rich in Jojoba and Castor Oil, which hydrate the scalp without leaving a greasy residue and Rosemary Oil which stimulates the follicles, making the hair grow longer and stronger.


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Stimulates the Hair Follicles • Promotes Hair Growth • Strengthens Weak Damaged Hair • Removes Dandruff • Improves Itchy Scalp

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16 reviews for Nourishing Hair Growth Oil

  1. June Dawson

    I started using Sara’s soothing scalp oil when I was going through my chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
    It was so soothing to my scalp as it was so sore and tender, it gently soothed my scalp and helped me relax so much.
    I used it as Sara had described and could not believe how fast my hair came back.
    My hair has never been so healthy and strong.
    I would highly recommend this product.

  2. Bethany Compor

    I love this product!
    I have always suffered from dry split ends. Probably because of all the heat and chemicals I have on my hair.
    I use the soothing scalp oil on the ends of my hair and on my scalp which I have hound it has taken away the dry dandruff I used to get.
    It smells so good and helps me sleep when I leave it on over night for a more powerful treatment
    I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from damaged hair.

  3. Gill Trentham

    Absolutely love this!
    Gives hair shine, body and the scalp feels light and healthy.
    It also gives you good night’s sleep if you leave it on overnight- a real bonus!!

  4. Stella Millard

    Great product. Keeps scalp healthy and hair glowing. The bottle design is excellent for application onto the scalp, enabling you to get to desire dry scalp areas. Great price and prefect size.

  5. Shirley Thomas

    I think that this product is excellent and is well worth the money! The oil is so light but yet so moisturizing. It doesn’t leave greasy build-up on your hair and has a lovely scent. My hair looks so healthy and shiny. Highly recommend ⭐️

  6. Gillian Murphy

    Great product…use at night time and it sends me off into a deep sleep
    My damaged scalp has now cleared up and my hair is so healthy and shiny
    Wonderful natural organic treat I love this product.

  7. Dawn Franks

    I bought this for my husband for the first time a couple of months ago. He has been really pleased with the results; believing that his hair appears thicker and in better condition than it did, before he started using this product. It smells amazing and it excellent value for money

  8. Jane Jacob

    This was a new product for me and I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve tried various hair oils in the past as deep conditioners but I’ve never tried Noubalm before. After using it for a short while, I can say my hair is beautifully soft and in excellent condition now and my scalp also feels very conditioned. Smells beautiful too.

  9. Lisa Cornett

    I was slightly sceptical at this product but my word it has helped my hair! Whilst travelling my hair fell out a lot and I always felt like it looked limp and unhealthy. This has been great to boost the condition, I simply apply it after washing to the rootz and comb through, I love the smell and it feels like my hair just sucks it up and is loving it just as much as me! I leave over night and wash the next day and condition my hair as normal
    You won’t regret buying it!

  10. Sarah Devon

    My scalp had been getting quite dry so I decided to try this oil as it’s a leave in oil. I found it, non greasy and it nourishes the scalp really well which is just what I needed. When I washed my hair after just one application, my scalp felt healthy and there were no flakes on brushing my hair. Long term use will tell whether it promotes hair growth and thickness but for now, I’m very pleased with it, but a friend who has used it for some time now her hair has grown and thickened so much since using it.

  11. Drew

    Really lovely, smells great. I have alopecia so was using this to massage my scalp and it seems to have worked. Highly recommend x

  12. Sarah Beckett

    This is the best thing I have ever used on my scalp. It really soothes and smells amazing!

  13. Sally M

    I started using this oil as I have tried everything to grow my hair and this is the only product that actually worked! I was even debating extensions but instead I just use this oil before bed, sleep in it and wash it off the next day. It smells so so nice to I’d highly recommend

  14. Aimee Wallis

    Lovely product. Ideal for people with dry hair and a dry scalp.

  15. Susan Mcdonelll

    I have been using the scalp oil since Sara first developed it . It’s a great overnight treatment and has helped with regrowth of my thinning hair . Thank you Sara

  16. Lisa

    I was introduced to the soothing scalp oil to heal the damage to my scalp after having hair extensions in. My scalp was so sore and damaged, and my hair was frazzled!
    Wow this oil is unreal.
    Not only did it heal the damage to my scalp it has had an incredible effect on my hair too.
    The condition of my hair has never been so healthy and it has definitely grown more that ever.
    So I no longer have my extensions in.
    It also helps me sleep as I leave it in as a treatment over night.
    It smells lush

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