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Internal Peace Pulse Point Oil

The Internal Peace Pulse Oil is easy to roll onto your wrists and temples whenever needed. Take a minute to breathe in the uplifting blend of essential oils whilst continuing your day feeling calm and at ease with no sense of anxiety or fear.



Eases: Stress, Anxiety and Depression


9 reviews for Internal Peace Pulse Point Oil

  1. Kate H

    I have been using the pulse oils as I suffer with anxiety. This oil has help me to sleep so much better it calms me when I feel tense and would highly recommend it. Thanks Sara for recommending this.

  2. Nicola J

    Leo’s little pocket friend is the roll on calming pulse oil. For those that don’t know, Leo is 9 and suffers with different problems surrounding anxiety. He takes this everywhere and also uses it at night time. By far the best natural product. I am happy for him to use as and when he needs it so no overdosing on chemicals. Highly recommend!

  3. Natalie

    Just started using the pulse oils to help with insomnia and low mood due to hormone imbalance. This oil is a little roll on smile ? it’s helped me to sleep so much better its calming and lifts my mood when needed. I highly recommend this to any one in need of an instant pick me up 🙂 Sara you’re a genius – thank you for creating this ❤️

  4. Kerry

    I got this for my teenage daughter who suffers with her emotions sometimes, she has found it so helpful to keep her calm and relaxed and I am a happy mother that it’s all natural

  5. Lucy James

    Perfect product for helping you overcome an anxiety attack or simply to calm you down if you are feeling totally stressed out.
    It hits the spot straight away.

  6. J Gould

    “I was sceptical when my Mum first mentioned Sara’s Magic potion the Noubalm Pulse Oil but my exams were looming and to be honest I would give anything a try! I’m so glad I did as this pulse oil became my little pocket pal. The oil helped me feel less anxious and after using it within minutes I felt a calmness come over me. This oil definitely helped me & I will continue to use it in the future”.

  7. Liv

    I bought this pulse oil a week before my driving test as I suffer with really bad anxiety and had failed two previous tests and tried everything to try and calm me down. I took the pulse oil with me and was applying it right up until the second I had to get into the car and I passed my test!! I felt so calm and at ease compared to how anxious I usually was and now I use it every day, it is just the best product ever!

  8. S Walker

    I have recently started using my pulse oil as my nerves have been quite high lately and I am so glad I did! It calms me down so much and I really like the smell to 🙂 xx

  9. Hayley Johnson

    It helps me sleep
    I’ve been struggling to sleep through a hot summer, and hot flushes, but rubbing some of this on my heels and pulse points every night has stopped me waking up most nights, and when I do, I seem to fall back to sleep easily instead of lying awake for hours staring at the ceiling. It even helped my son who has always struggled to go to sleep to fall asleep more quickly. I highly recommend it and have already purchased a second bottle. If you value actually feeling relaxed and sleeping well, it really is worth it.

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