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Energise & Boost Muscle Soak & Scrub

Energise and Boost Muscle Soak and Scrub deeply cleanses, exfoliates and replenishes the skin whilst relaxing and repairing tired, aching muscles. A combination of 100% natural Himalayan sea salts, invigorating organic aromatherapy oils and vitamin E. Suitable for all skin types.

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Purifies Pores • Gently Exfoliates Skin • Enhances Skin Hydration •  Reduces Rough Skin • Soothes Skin Inflammation • Eases Achy Muscles


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10 reviews for Energise & Boost Muscle Soak & Scrub

  1. Sarah Thomas

    Wonderful product for exfoliating your skin and soaking sore, achy muscles afterwards in the bath and smells divine.

  2. Michelle Wilkinson

    I have used magnesium supplements for years.
    I was recommended to use Noubalm muscle soak and scrub as it was made from hymalyan salts full of natural magnesium. I love this product! It gently exfoliates your skin while you absorb all the natural goodness from the salts and essential oils.

  3. Holly Brians

    It’s a lovely body scrub, with a beautiful uplifting citrus scent. The salty grains help to exfoliate the skin making it perfect for pre tanning.
    Packaging is very medical grade and reminded me of a prescription product.

  4. Cheryl Cain

    My skin feels much more nourished after use and the scent is heavenly.
    Beautiful product!

  5. Gerry Hurt

    Great product kind to skin, kind to the environment and hand made. Perfect purchase!

  6. Jane Arthur

    Such a lovely product. I look forward to having a bath with Noubalm’s bath oil and using this luxurious body scrub. It smells Amazing and feels so soft on the skin 🙂

  7. Elizabeth

    I love this scrub as my exfoliator to remove all dry/dead skin cells on the surface of my skin

  8. Gemma Collins

    This Noubalm energising scrub is FANTASTIC! I cant tell you how amazing it smells and how soft your skin feels after using this! It’s worth the price! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! It’s amazing everyone go buy it?

  9. Gemma Kelly

    This is a great product that does exactly what it says it will – exfoliate. The granules in this are very fine so you get a great scrub. I’ve used other products where the granules are too big and it was not as an effective of a scrub. This one feels like soft sand, but in a good way! I use this twice a week especially if I notice dry patches or I want a deep clean feeling. It also leaves a tingle sensation after being rinsed off that I personally love. Plus at the price point you can’t go wrong! It’s a simple, no frills product and one of my favorites. Totally recommend!

  10. Lamara Keenan

    Fantastic stuff. My skin tends to get dry patches and this exfoliating scrub is great at stripping away flakes and leaving my body baby soft. It’s fairly grainy but still very gentle, in my opinion, and the price is very reasonable for the quality, especially considering what a lot of comparable high-end exfoliating scrubs go for.

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