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Deep Cleansing Pure Green Clay Mask

Deep Cleansing Pure Green Clay Mask is a natural oil absorbing, exfoliating mask. It helps remove dead skin from the surface, absorb oil, prevent blemishes, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also providing the skin with the oxygen and important nutrients necessary to give your skin that luminous glow. Suitable for all skin types.

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Information: Tightens Pores • Exfoliates • Reduces Acne • Softens Skin • Dissolves Impurities • Refines Skin Texture

Ingredients: Illite, Green Clay

How To Use: Apply to face and neck once or twice a week. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Followed by floral toning mist. Mix 2/3 teaspoon full of clay with 2/3 teaspoon full of water mixing to a smooth paste. Apply with a soft mask brush.

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30ml, 120ml

13 reviews for Deep Cleansing Pure Green Clay Mask

  1. Elizabeth Stanley

    I feel younger, radiant and so confident with my skin resurfacing pure green clay mask. This is the most effective face mask I have ever used. You feel it tightening your skin and just feel it is working straight away.

  2. Karen Harvey

    A great product and it lasts. Gentle enough for young skin too.

  3. Ruby

    Makes my skin feel so amazing and leaves it with an unreal glow! A must have for my spots aswell!

  4. Chloe

    I have used so many face masks over time, this is by far the best! You can literally see your pores closing and all the oily, grubby parts of your skin coming out! I can’t stop using mine!

  5. Megan Louise

    An ideal face mask for acne prone skin like myself. IT has visibly reduced any blemishes and scarring on my skin and when I see any spots arriving I use this mask each night and the spots just vanish, its like magic! I am very happy with this product xx

  6. Laura

    My skin has massively improved since using this face mask, you can genuinely feel and see the impurities coming out of your skin and pores

  7. Abbie

    Ordered this product and seen so many improvements in my own skin just after a few uses, it’s a must for my routine now! Absolutely fallen in love with the product, could not do without it! So happy with the results x

  8. Angela Kneen

    A must have product for acne prone skin
    My sons skin has cleared up in a small space of time since Sara recommended the cleansing oil
    healing balm
    And Mask

    All natural organic mist haves ⭐️

  9. Sarah Stanley

    This mark is amazing
    It clears your skin up in no time and leaves a lovely glow after using. Highly recommend ⭐️

  10. Barbara Kixon

    As must have product
    At incredible price

  11. Tracy Woods

    I love all Noubalm products I am now a full time user of the beautiful brand
    The clay mask as heavenly healing balm and beauty sleep miracle balm are my favourites
    My skin has never looked so good, healthy and more radiant

  12. Melony

    After suffering awful acne throughout my life, the Pure Clay Green Mask has effectively dried up my spots and drastically changed my life and confidence, alongside the “Heavenly Healing Balm” my skin has never been better and I will never ever return back to my Clarins products!

  13. Syliva

    This is a must have mask for everyone!
    It has worked like magic on my acne prone skin.
    It feels amazing after using this mask with the neroli caster cleansing oil and heavenly healing balm.
    I used to take medical medication from my doctor as my skin had got so bad.
    I am now off all my medication and swear by noubalm products and the bigger bonus is that there are no chemicals whatsoever in the products they are all completely natural and organic.

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