Beauty Sleep Miracle Balm

A calming, powerful variety of luxurious organic oils with exceptional anti-ageing properties. Blended specifically to help promote cellular regeneration and improve elasticity of mature skin, whilst promoting a sense of well-being, aiding a perfect nights sleep. The Evening Primrose Oil is also included as an alternative treatment to alleviate pain and discomfort during menopause. Suitable for all skin types.

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Firms • Lifts • Rejuvenates • Nourishes • Moisturises • Repairs • Improves Visible Signs of Ageing • Improves Insomnia • Fights Against Free Radicals

29 reviews for Beauty Sleep Miracle Balm

  1. Gemma

    Since using beauty sleep miracle balm my skin has become radiant with a glow.
    My fine lines have deminished. The biggest benifit from using this wonderful product is I no longer take monthly medication for my hormones which I used to have to take to ease the pain. Beauty sleep miracle balm not only works on the external skin it heals the internal too. I have noticed over time the pain has eased so the evening primrose in the product is definitely working for me. I feel so much better in my self too as I know the health benefits of Noubalm products are endless.
    The constant medication taking was rediculas, now I don’t have to take any all from using a balm that make me look younger! ?

  2. Liz Shaw

    Could not be without this now I love the smell, and how I drift of to sleep in no time at all.
    My skin has never looked so healthy and radiant.
    Fine lines and dark puffy circles under my eyes have reduced and I have only been using it for 2 months

  3. Christina Callow

    I love the beauty sleep miracle balm it makes me beautiful while helping me sleep.

  4. Sarah Walker

    I absolutely love Sara’s products! After years of spending a fortune on Clarins, Clinique & Dermalogica, Sara’s products are the only ones that have actually made a difference to my skin. Really helped with my pigmentation and general condition of my skin! I’d never use anything else again!

  5. Lynn

    This night cream is a must. It soaks into your skin without the greasy feel. In the morning your face looks and feels revived. Highly recommended. ?

  6. Joanne Corllet

    This product should be awarded and up there with award winning products.
    It is just amazing!
    The change in my skin is incredible, I have never in all the years using top named cosmetics noticed such a change in my skin.
    I feel and look so younger and I look radiant.
    Also it DOES help you sleep.

  7. Donna Downey

    Well what can I say? Sara is like Mary poppins… she makes everything better ? Her products work wonders, and my favourite product of hers is the Neroli cleansing caster oil. It removes every bit of makeup without making your skin feel dry! You can even smother your eyes in it and it doesn’t sting… it’s amazing. Well done Sara I’m so proud of you, xxx

  8. Julie jones

    These products are amazing my skin has cleared up and is glowing.
    You can also use the magic balms under your eyes and boy can I see a difference in the lines and dark circles I had under my eyes.
    I couid not live
    Without Noubalm nowxx

  9. Drew

    Smells lovely and promotes great sleep. I’ve had comments the next day that my skin is glowing. Well worth the money 🙂

  10. Joanna Bray

    Used so many different products on my face an nothing works. Got cleansing oil an healing face balm from Sara an my skin has never looked better.. The healing balm works wonders.. As well as a balm for my face I’ve used it in bites an scratches on my daughter. Works within hours. Amazing products totally organic. Highly recommend everyone to be using Sara’s products.
    thank you Sara

  11. Karen Fury

    Having visited Sara at Noubalm for a couple of years now for facials and massages which truly are a treat.
    Her expertise has now extended into making her own products which are a little hidden secret. Having used her Healing balm for almost anything you can think of moisturiser, a proper absorbent moisturiser which nourishes your skin, sun burn, prickly acne, cuts, scratches,
    Stings it’s a must to have in your cosmetics bag it’s calming and healing properties really improve your problem, along with her cleansing oil which really makes your skin glow with no nasty additives all natural ingredients really gets the dirt and grime out of your skin, my skin is glowing and feels amazing giving me more confidence to not wear any makeup at all. Lip balm is a must in your handbag great for making your lips beautiful helps with really dry lips and is essential in bother cold and warm weather. I actually don’t buy any other facial products at all except from Noubalm, give them a try your won’t regret it

  12. Sue Liderth

    Sara’s treatments just get better and better. I am constantly finding new uses for her amazing products – myself and my children are finally eczema free with the lemon hand salve and my husband is using the healing balm for his shaving rash with great results. Keep up the great work!

  13. Adele

    Just wanted to say a massive thankyou to sara as my 6 month old son has had a really angry rash around his neck and chest for over a week. Doctors prescribed steroid cream which I was reluctant to use but had used it from thurs-Sunday and had not cleared up whatsoever. Spoke to sara and put the healing cream on and within 3 applications it’s had completely cleared up…. thankyou so much sara. You are a legend in the making xxx

  14. Natalie

    Hi all, I’ve tried many of Sara’s homemade natural and organic products – facial healing balm, hand cream, lip balm, scalp oil, foot scrub and calming bath oil. All the products I have tried are FANTASTIC! They are of a high quality and produce fantastic results. My favourite is the facial healing balm. As I have oily skin I’ve always struggled to find a day cream that doesn’t make my skin even more oily. The healing balm is my life saviour as it’s suitable for all skin types. It sinks into my skin and leaves no greasy residue, but also keeps my skin moisturised and clear of any blemishes. I have dry patches on my neck and it’s cleared them up. And the smell is amazing! I wouldn’t be without this product.

  15. Lindsay Scarrfe

    Hello lovely! Just letting you know I had a cold sore blister up on my lip (I suffer from them regularly) Normally I would use Zofirax to blast it but had none in so as per my usual evening routine, I used my night face balm then smeared your lovely lip balm on the old lips before going to sleep expecting it to be very swollen and sore the following morning! I woke up to no pain and no swelling, the cold sore has not flared up, and in fact even though it’s still there a little, it is definitely on its way to going!! Your stuff is magic

  16. Nicola Clarkson

    From the first application I could tell this balm was a “little goes a long way”….

    I was pleasantly surprised at just how moisturising the balm was & shocked at how dry my skin was.

    I applied the balm in several areas for Hives & possible Eczema.

    I have seen measurable improvement on my wrists which have been sore for several months. I also tried it as a facial balm as my complexion was dull due to illness.

    I found Noubalm as good if not better than any Decleor out there.

    The balm smells very calming & comes nicely packaged, the scent “uplifts your spirits”. There is a small plastic applicator to apply the balm with.

    The 2 main ingredients are great for skincare, Calendula & Chamomile.

  17. Lily

    All I can say is wow! Absolutely amazing and my go to product now, each night I use it and I never fail to have an amazing nights sleep, bearing in mind I used to struggle so badly with insomnia. Thank you Noubalm!

  18. Linda

    I have been a sufferer of insomnia for. a very long time and this product is the only thing that has helped me get to sleep! It also has firmed up my face as I was told it would help towards ageing. I am so pleased and can’t wait to try the other products

  19. Suzan

    I could not live without my Beauty Sleep Miracle Balm, it really is a miracle! I have such a nice nights sleep since buying it and it feels so nice on my skin to xx

  20. Suzanna T

    Noubalm I used the sleep balm last night and had almost 8 hours sleep!! Which is a miracle for me! Thank you! xx

  21. Amanda Mcgarth

    This is a brilliant Product I don’t seem to use as much foundation as I use to since I have been applying the balm at night ?

  22. Sarah

    This does exactly as it says on the tin!
    What a wonderful product I have seen a remarkable difference in my skin. The fine lines and wrinkles have most definitely decreased, my skin is glowing and I sleep right through the night now after being a sufferer of insomnia for many years. Smells divine too.

  23. Sarah

    This does exactly as it says on the tin!
    What a wonderful product I have seen a remarkable difference in my skin. The fine lines and wrinkles have most definitely decreased, my skin is glowing and I sleep right through the night now after being a sufferer of insomnia for many years. Smells divine too.

  24. Teresa McClelland

    This is literally a perfect night cream. It smells and feels so sumptuous and you can feel it sinking into the skin letting all its goodness lock in. Using this balm has become an essential part of my skin care regime.

  25. Amanda Phillips

    Once again after cleansing with the Neroli this is my bedtime treat for my skin. Very light but deeply moisturising. Highly recommend this for a bedtime routine, your skin will noticeably thank you.

  26. Natalie

    I love Noubalm’s beauty sleep miracle balm. This balm is the best product I have ever purchased as anti aging product.
    It is the only product that I has visibly noticed a difference.
    I used to have very deep lines on my my face, from sun damage and being an ex smoker.
    I even have people stop me and tell me they see a remarkable change in my skin.
    It also helps me sleep it is so relaxing and smells lovely too.
    I can’t wait for bed time as it is my evening pamper.
    A must have product for all who are concerned about aging.

  27. Yasmine Greene

    I have been using the nuobalm products for only a week and have already seen such a difference in my skin. Most amazing products i have ever used. Can not recommend enough, especially for acne sufferers.

  28. Becca Leigh

    After trying almost everything for my acne, including acid peels and light masks, I can honestly say that Noubalms products are the most long term solution I could find. Made from essential oils only means you can use them as much as you like when you like, so they’re definitely worth every penny! My skin has never been healthier.

  29. Sim

    I love your beauty sleep miracle balm. Receiving compliments about my wrinkle-face regularly. It really is a miracle! Not bad for an old bird.

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