Oxton Society Newsletter

An Oxton business owner who is passionate about helping people and believes in a holistic approach to wellbeing has launched a new charitable venture in Borough Road.

Sara Williams, owner and founder of Noubalm in Christchurch Road, opened NouYou in February, and offers free 6 week support programmes for people suffering from cancer, mental health illness and bereavement.

“Opening NouYou and being able to support people like this is a dream come true for me,” said Sara. “We’re coming to the end of another one of our six-week programs and the feedback has been incredible. One of our ladies told me the six weeks had changed her life, as she was unable to get out of bed before the program.

“I had my own experience and had a breakdown 10 years ago due to mental health illness and I lost my step mum to cancer so these are all causes close to my heart and I really wanted to help people going through similar experiences.”

Sara decided to bring together a group of holistic and well-being practitioners who are experts in their field to create NouYou.

The aim is to empower people and support them on their own healing journey by removing any emotional or financial barriers while going through difficult times.

Each week there will be a different activity from Reiki level one, Sound healing, Theta healing & meditation, Yoga Nidra, Hypnotherapy, Self Love and Self care & Skin cafe and more.

These sessions are provided by the volunteers (facilitators ) who are expert healing practitioners that have all helped Sara over the years with her own self-healing journey.

Sara, who has worked in beauty and holistic industry for over 25 years, launched Noubalm 6 years ago after researching the healing and medical effects of plant based medicine and aromatherapy she begun making all of the Noubalm products by hand in her home kitchen, as demand grew she expanded into the Noubalm Kitchen and continues to make her Reiki infused healing products.

She explained: “When I experienced my own mental health problems I didn’t want to use products that contained chemicals to get better, so I started learning about plant-based therapeutic oils and herbal teas and began creating my own at home which helped my recovery.

“I was living proof that the natural holistic approach worked and having been on my own self-healing journey, I was very passionate about sharing it with others as I started to feel better than I had ever done in my life.

I opened my Noubalm Oxton clinic and shortly after Noubalm Moreton which have both been a lovely way to use my brand within our therapies so all of our clients benefit from the Noubalm healing experience.

“NouYou offers a beautiful healing space for our community. We now have an abundance of well-being classes from yoga, meditation, sound healing, reiki shares, woman circles, theta healing and more on at NouYou hosted by some of Wirrals finest teachers.

My drive and passion is to get up every day and help and heal people.”

To find out more visit https://noubalm.com/nouyou/

Sara has also set up a justgiving page if people would like to support the venture.


Sara had created and makes a Noubalm charity candle range. £2 from each sale goes to NouYou.