Step into the Calm at Noubalm

Drift away to guided meditation music and let us take you to a place of tranquillity…

Our promise at Noubalm is to create truly unique treatments that work in natural synergy with the skin and body.

Our bespoke healing treatments are tailored for total destress, mindfulness and relaxation.

Hand Made With Love in England
Plant Based, Natural Healing Products

At Noubalm, we offer a full range of beauty and healing holistic treatments, in a calming, peaceful environment. As a team of highly qualified beauty, holistic and skin specialists, we pride ourselves by dedicating a unique and memorable experience, where you will discover a haven of tranquility for the mind, body and soul. We have two unisex clinics, based in Oxton Village and Moreton.

The natural and organic skincare and body care products we use within our therapies are all handmade with love, by our founder, Sara Williams. Alongside an ever-growing product range of home care and herbal and wellness teas.


At Noubalm we are here to help. Many essential oils have benefits which can help with symptoms. Our Heavenly Healing Balm, Beauty Sleep Balm, Nourishing Hair Growth Oil & Natural Youth Age Defying Elixir contain some of these. We absorb 75% of these through our skin which is much greater than from a supplement. There are so many benefits it would be impossible to list them all, below are some of the main benefits of each oil.

Not only do we have products we have a range of herbal teas which can help. Women’s Power (our most popular one!) helps with hormone balance, simply make a cup in the morning and top up throughout the day.

Others teas which have have relevant benefits are Beauty Sleep, Energise & Boost, Heavenly Healing & Rest and Relax.

Cancer Care

Those affected by cancer get one complimentary treatment

Noubalm is proud to be the first holistic clinic on the Wirral certified to work with those effected by cancer. Noubalm Cancer Care treatments are safe holistic therapies for men and women, which can be taken before, during or after their programme of chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Noubalm Cancer Care treatments are for people living with cancer or who have had a history of cancer.


  • Fully accredited beauty and holistic training courses
  • E-learning courses available
  • Small group training ensures students are given high levels of individual attention and personal tuition.
  • Short intensive courses are for both beginners and qualified therapists.
  • No case studies required.
  • No written exams.
  • Certification on completion of successful practical assessment and basic knowledge test.
  • Enable you to acquire essential professional insurance and public liability insurance.

Pure Simple Healing Workshops

Give the absolute best to loving your self first by honouring a unique daily skin, skincare and self-care sacred ritual routine from the comfort of your own home.

Sara draws on her years of expertise as a plant based cosmetic creator, Educator, Aromatherapist, Holistic healer and Reiki practitioner to reveal your best skin, skincare and self care combinations. Empowering you to reduce damaging affects of stress, anxiety and depression and to be more confident from within.

Sara will help you fall in love with your self first, and feel empowered and in love with putting your skin and self-care into daily practice.

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Today, Noubalm continues to strive and has gone global with product sales and Sara has a number of her own students in their own salons on the Wirral and the Isle of Man using the full Noubalm range for their treatments and services and  numerous local artisan shops in Merseyside now displaying and  retailing her growing range.

Sara has firmly maintained the main vision of bringing the highest quality products and services to the worldwide customers and clientele who visit her store’s on the Wirral and all of her students salons too.

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